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Amici di Tworki Association

„Amici di Tworki Association” developed from Friends of Tworki Group and has been registered as an association since 1994. Since then one of main programs run by the association is „Together in life and art” Project supporting therapy through art. The Project takes place In Psychiatric Hospital in Pruszków – Tworki. It provides practical and emotional suport to the patients and promotes their art work.
The experience of last 15 years of the Project running proves that art can be the relevant part of diagnosis and therapy for mental health problems. In the everyday work of clinical psychologists and psychiatrists it can be used in situations when for whatever reason verbal contact between the therapist and the patient is difficult or impossible. At the same time non verbal form and meaning of creative act i. e. drawing or painting can contain valuable diagnostic information relating to patient’s mood, feelings and experiences. Continuous creative collaboration with the patient allows to gather non medical documentation of the course of illness from it’s beginning through the recovery.
Making the art of individuals suffering from mental ill health known can be a step towards challenging stigma surrounding mental health problems.

website: http://www.amiciditworki.org/

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