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Emotional Painting Association “Placek”

Emotional Painting Association

To whom that heart beats.

We are honoured to present a new stream in art – “emotional painting”. It is a way of liberating, showing emotions and finding a new expression of oneself trought art painting and activ interaction between people in various groups. Such as children, disabled people, adults and in case of spontaneous happening – accidental people for an artist and the viewer “emotional painting” is a chance to grasp understand emotions of participants and translating them into the “language of normality”

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Interhuman integration at the artistic-emotional level using new technique and style.

Idea of the Emotional Painting is to create in the initial phase interhuman bonds at the basic level through sessions of common, unconstrained painting in groups. It allows developing sensibility to different emotional aesthetics. The term Emotional Painting – a new style in painting – came into existence during the process of creating a new studio in the cultural center in Mysłowice-Janów, where a professional artist works with children and young people. Emotional Painting means combining visions created by the artist through transformation of traces of group plastic actions with the real world. The Emotional Painting is the resultant of two ways of looking at the world, two ways of interpreting and building a form: a childish and an artistically “grown up” one.

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