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The Arts Therapies Section of The Scientific Circle of Psychology Students

The Arts therapies Section of The Scientific Circle of Psychology Students in Lublin

website: http://www.arteterapia.studio-rimm.eu/

email: sekcja.arteterapii@gmail.com

The Arts Therapies Section, one of the branches of The Scientific Circle of Psychology Students at Catholic University of Lublin (KUL), exists and thrives from 2006. It was established by people with passion, who on one hand love arts, and on the other are intrigued by the person nearby, by possibility to connect with him and help through arts. The Section consists of following parts: 1) training, 2) general, 3) laughter therapy. The purpose of these parts is to develop the knowledge and skills connected with art therapy, systematically and thematically.

The role of the supervisor of the Section belongs to dr. Beata Kostrubiec from the Department of Educational Psychology and Family at KUL. The Arts Therapies Section was founded by Przemysław Staroń (MA in Psychology) and it’s lead these days by Bogusława Gontarz, psychology student at KUL.

Today, The Arts Therapies Section counts over 50 people, who are either fully engaged, or are so called followers (“satellites”) or partners. Within only 3 years, members have participated in many scientific conferences, e.g. in the “International Conference of Art Therapy: ‘Carpe Diem’, ‘Art Therapy in education and human development” in Wroclaw and in the “International Training and Scientific Conference from the series: Psychiatry and Arts – Education in art therapy” in Cracow. Moreover, being aware that the scientific development, acquiring some practical skills are the basis of our discipline. The members of The Arts Therapies Section have participated in many workshops connected with art therapy and conducted by qualified art therapists from Poland, e.g. Barbara Kasprzak (MA) and dr. Krzysztof Stachyra (PhD), and from abroad (Simon Procter).

It’s worth to add that as part of the activity of the Arts Therapies Section we are also occupied by the promotion of the discipline we’re interested in. We support creative human development and we study the scientific basis of art therapy. Moreover, our section cooperates with other scientific associations of students and with skilled art therapists. One of the most important fields of our activity is to acquire the experience through the realization of our own projects and workshops.

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