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Artistic Projects

In this part we will present artistic projects (in the area of music, theatre, visual arts and creative writing). The main goal of the project presented here is to show artistic activities with their therapeutic and creative potential, which could become an inspiration for arts therapists, extending the area of their interest into arts.


Artistic – Educational Project “The Ladder”

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author: prof Wiesław Karolak

A ladder to…
A ladder to heaven?
A ladder to hell?
A ladder to nowhere?

A LADDER – a tool for hiking or for stteping down. Construction easy to dismantle or to take away.
A LADDER – a methafor of life stages.
A LADDER – gradation and comparison.

‘THE LADDER to…’- an artistic workshop
An art workshop which leads to creation of individual rungs and building of an art instalation.

Reflection: What does a ladder mean?
Associations, thoughts, sayings about ladder and rungs.
Drawing, painting a poetic, symbolic, metaphoric essence of a ladder.
Giving an individual character of the rungs – painting.

Building an art instalation – “THE LADDER to…”

Łódź (Poland), Apriel 2009 – Science, Engineering and Culture Festival,
Brixen (Italy), May 2009 – University of Bolzano,
Weimar (Germany), July – XV International Workshops for Children and Adolescents,
Scheersberg (Germany), August – Jugend Creativ.

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