The Polish Association For Therapy Through Arts (PSTS)

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The Polish Association For Therapy Through Arts is a self-governing, voluntary public benefit organization functioning in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Poland and its legal regulations. Founded in 2007, it operates in Poland and its Board is headquartered in Lublin.

Goals of the Association:

The Polish Association For Therapy Through Arts aims to conduct, support and propagate any activities connected with preventive therapy and therapy through arts, that is:

1. promotion and protection of health,
2. helping people afflicted by illnesses, disabilities, people in danger of addiction to psychoactive agents and people affected by abuse and family dysfunction,
3. helping victims of traffic accidents,
4. promoting disability prevention,
5. pursuit of educational activities,
6. promoting the formation of a qualified cadre of music therapists, art therapists and therapists using arts in their practice,
7. cooperation with national and foreign associations, institutions and organizations working in the similar area of interest,
8. support, promotion and representation of therapists employing arts in their therapy practice in Poland and abroad,
9. forming proper attitudes in society towards prevention, therapy and arts therapy,
10. promotion of formal sanctioning and recognition of art therapist, music therapist, bibliotherapist, drama therapist and other kind of art therapists as professions in Poland.

The Association is authorized to issue the certificate of qualification in the area of music therapy, art therapy, bibliotherapy, drama therapy and other fields as explained in detail in the statute of the Association.


The Polish Association For Therapy Through Arts (PSTS)
Maria Curie Sklodowska University
Department of Arts
Al. Kraśnicka 2A
20-718 Lublin


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