Art Therapy for The Mentally Retarded. Selected Problems of Theory And Practice


Maria Stasiakiewicz  Abstract Artistic activities are commonly applied in education, medical care and health promotion. bThey consist a permanent element of different programs of psychological help. Some of these applications can be regarded as forms of art therapy, but not all of them can be used that way. There is an essential difference between the application of artistic activity in treatment of schizophrenia or anorexia, and activities oriented toward developing and nurturing also through the art, creative imagination of students mental representations of the mentally retarded persons. Therefore, what is art therapy? Which of the various applications of artistic and creative activities broadly viewed “contact with art”, may serve an example of art therapy? What is the theoretic framework of the therapy by art and what are its aims regarded to the mentally retarded? These are the problems outlined in this article. They are followed by the presentation of the method of cognitive remediation, as a method of supporting the conceptual development of the mentally retarded through the drawing activity.  Autor: Asocciate profesor of University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań, Insitute of Child Psychopathology.

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