Opening of "Arts Therapies"


We are very proud to announce the opening of the “Arts Therapies” platform. “Arts Therapies” is an invitation to exchange ideas, opinions, reflections, projects and research in the area of arts therapies. Polish arts therapies have long and widespread roots in various other disciplines such as art, education, psychiatry and psychology but are still on early stages of development. The discipline is very vivid and its developing quickly: there are numerous of publications, conferences and courses on university level. The discipline raises great interest in professionals from many other practice areas. Although dynamic changes in Polish arts therapies, we still face the same problems: there is no registered arts therapist occupation, we do not have widely accepted standards for practice, nor education and the discussion about those subjects is restricted to small groups of professionals.

That is why we would like this platform to became a place of exchange for art-, music-, dance-, theatre- and creative writing therapist, as well as other professionals who believe that they should practice under the umbrela of the term “arts therapies”.

Lets start writing and  describing in detail what we do, lets share research evidence, lets show what is happening in arts therapies in Poland and around the world. With this experience, lets try to create modern and progressive  profession. Having a reach experience in using arts and creativity in healing process and many, many people with passion devoted to their work we will be able not only to establish independent occupation in Poland but also inspire and fascinate arts therapists form abroad.

We design “Arts Therapies” to consists of two parts: Academic Journal with peer reviewed articles and books reviews, and a social utility which enables discussion, ideas, information and news exchange, as well as give possibility to enrich journal with multimedia materials – images, movement and sound are the keys to our practice!

“Art Therapies” is mainly Polish portal and its aims are connected to the development of the profession in Poland, although we would love to connect with arts therapists form other countries to cooperate on our projects and programmes. We are aiming to publish foreign authors, write about foreign projects and events, so we invite you all to join us, share your experience and start discussion. So lets start creating the platform for cooparation!


“Arts Therapies” is a website run by volunteers on non profit bases. All materials published on our website were received free of charge, based on agreement with authors. We are not able to pay for any materials, but we can provide translation to Polish. Copy right are held by authors, unless stated different.

The website is sponsored by The Polish Association of Therapy through Arts.

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