Post conference reflections

III International Conference "Arts Therapies in Medicine and Education"


Conference took part in November. 160 participnats with 7o papers, presentations, posters, workshops and art event came to Lódź to share their experience. Many passionate practitioners working with psychiatric, cardiology and oncology patients, children with special needs and form main stream education, deaf and blind people, unemployed and abused clients, and with different support and developmental groups showed their work.

During the conference representatives of  4 associations met – The Polish Association of Therapy through Arts, The Association of Polish Arts Therapists "Kajros", The Association of Polish Music Therapists, and The Polish DMT Association. The discussion and presentation of solutions took place.

The Polish Association of Therapy through Arts launched "Therapy through Arts" website, where in Polsih post conference discussion continue.


Our dining and open meeting space with "The Ladder", art – educational installation created by Prof. Wiesław Karolak.



Effects of Emotional  Painting workshop in Patio.

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