Stypendia na udział w letniej szkole muzykoterapii w Niemczech

Uniwersytet SRH Heidelberg oferuje stypendia dla studentów muzykoterapii oraz osób zainteresowanych muzykoterapią chcących uczestniczyć w letniej szkole muzykoterapii w Niemczech, w dniach 9-22 czerwca 2019. Kurs prowadzony będzie w języku angielskim.


Zainteresowanych prosimy o przeczytanie poniższej informacji:

SRH Summer School in Music Therapy 2019:
Challenges in psychosomatics – a German perspective

sponsored by the DAAD with funds from the German Federal Foreign Office

Do you…

… want to learn about music therapy in Germany?
… want to study in Germany’s most famous university town, Heidelberg?
… want to internationalize your career?

Our SRH Summer School for Music Therapy 2019 is an introduction to music therapy practices in Germany, with an emphasis on music therapy in psychosomatic care. Students experience music therapy interventions incorporating songs and improvisational methods.

The program runs from 9-22 June 2019 in Heidelberg, Germany and on weekends, students will tour important regional sites and enjoy excursions to local points of interest. The program includes visits to clinics and institutions where music therapists work, offering important insight into how music therapy functions in the German health care system.

When is the summer school?
June 9-22 2019

What is the language of instruction?
This summer school is offered in English. For many, it will serve as a helpful introduction to the MA in Music Therapy (English track).

Who is the program for?
This program supports the internationalization of music therapists and of the music therapy department at SRH Heidelberg University. To that end, we encourage applications from individuals who are interested in pursuing a Master’s degree in music therapy at SRH Heidelberg University. We welcome all applicants, but students who can communicate their motivation to pursue the MA in Music Therapy in English at SRH will be given priority. Current university students may apply, as well as university graduates (typically with bachelor degrees or equivalent in music, psychology, education, cultural studies, or similar fields) interested in pursuing music therapy education.

How will you evaluate my application?
Applications will be evaluated in the order in which they are received. The following criteria will guide the evaluation process:

  • Level of interest in the M.A in Music Therapy at SRH University Heidelberg
  • Strength of educational/professional background
  • Relevance of SRH programs to career goals
  • Quality of communication skills
  • Level of professionalism in communications

How much does the Summer School cost?

Participants in the 2019 Summer School in Music Therapy will only pay a registration fee of 200 €. The 2019 Summer School is supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). This DAAD funding covers the following:

  • Academic Programme: Music Therapy: challenges in psychosomatics
  • a German perspective
  • All study materials
  • Cultural Programme: excursions to Speyer and Heidelberg, wine tasting event etc.
  • Transportation costs within Heidelberg
  • Accommodations for the duration of the Programme

Is there financial aid?

  • All participants receive partial funding of travel expenses based on lump sums (determined by the DAAD based on the country in which their travel originates). These amounts are listed on this table.
  • Subsistence allowances of 250 €

Note: travel expenses and subsistence allowances are reimbursed in cash at the end of the summer school. Participants must pay their own meals and any incidental costs during the programme.

Will there be a formal transcript?
We will offer certificates of participation for the 2019 Summer School in music therapy. No formal transcripts will be issued.

Where do participants live during the Summer School?
Accommodations are in shared apartments in central Heidelberg and include kitchens.

What about meals?
Some group meals are included; students may eat lunch at the SRH University Heidelberg dining hall for reasonable prices and may cook in their shared accommodations.

How do I get to Heidelberg?
Participants book their own travel to Heidelberg. Frankfurt International Airport is the nearest airport and connected to Heidelberg via rail and bus.

What about visas?
Summer School participants from countries for which Germany requires visas must make their own arrangements for visas. SRH University will provide letters of acceptance to the summer school to those participants who need them. Please inform yourself about visa requirements before applying.

How to apply?
Applications are only accepted online. Regarding the uploads please follow the instructions:

  • Essay (in English) describing your educational and/or professional history and your interest in pursuing a master’s degree in music therapy at SRH University Heidelberg. What are your career plans? How does this summer school help you toward them? Are you interested in interviewing/auditioning for the M.A. during the summer school? (max. 3 pages)
  • Resume or c.v. including education, work experience and clinical training/practicum/fieldwork experience (if applicable)
  • Letter of recommendation from someone who knows you well, regarding your suitability for this program and for master’s-level studies
  • University transcript, including proof of graduation when applicable


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